Marketplace Pastors are those incredible individuals who find themselves in the unique situation of working both in the church and in the community.

Whether this is by choice or out of obligation, Marketplace Pastors operate within this amazing dichotomy of serving the church, as well as playing a significant role in their community via outside employment. We understand that this offers many different challenges and opportunities alike. Sometimes, this can be a harmonious relationship, while other times the pull and balance of both ministries can be overwhelming and stressful.

The Marketplace Pastors Ministry is one that is designed with that in mind. There are other Marketplace Pastors in our network who share in this lifestyle. We are devoted to offer you support, encouragement, connection, education, and clarity so that you are properly equipped to highly function in every area of your life. Ultimately, to experience the Abundant Life that Jesus came to offer us. You are not alone.


Kyle Strum

Marketplace Pastors Coordinator


Online Meetups


Marketplace Pastors Online Meetup

December 13   |   7:00 pm

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Meeting ID: 639 144 1152
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