Our Purpose

To fulfill the Great Commission by partnering with and empowering church leaders to develop healthy, growing Christians and churches; to strengthen and network ministry teams; and to effectively reach spiritual seekers in our communities and around the world.



Bringing the hope of Jesus to our communities.


Authentic Faith

The Bible is God's Word and must be relevantly communicated and practically applied in daily life.

Passion for Spiritual Seekers

The centerpiece of all that we do is reaching the unchurched and reconciling them to the Father God, through His Son, Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Healthy Relationships

The foundation to a vital, wholesome life and ministry is having healthy relationships with God and others.

Empowering Leaders

The effectiveness of ministry is enhanced as we equip, empower, network and resource leaders.

Serving Churches

The local churches are the focus of our service as we partner with and encourage them, respecting and celebrating their diversity.

Our team

Leadership Team


Don Ross

Network Leader



Dave Cole

Associate Network Leader
Assistant Superintendent



Don Detrick

Associate Network Leader



Beth Backes

Pastoral Care and Credentials Director



Zack Cash

Youth Ministries Director



Josh Sperry

Children's Ministries Director



Greg Stern

Senior Director
Operations & Finance


Support Team


Tammy Payne

Executive Assistant to Don Ross
Network Leader



Erin Kruger

Executive Assistant to Dave Cole
Associate Network Leader
Assistant Superintendent
and Properties Specialist



Kim Wigestrand

Executive Assistant to Don Detrick
Associate Network Leader



Greg Backes

Media Production



Ashlee Beers

Assistant to Zack Cash
Youth Ministries



Jenn Braham

Assistant to Josh Sperry
Children's Ministries



Teresa Brown

Operations Specialist



Tammy Cox

Accounts Receivable Specialist



Ellacia Creed

Events & Projects Specialist



Maria Dugdale

Accounting Manager



Lexie Mahaffey

Credentials Specialist



Theresa Thacker

Human Resources Specialist



Krystal Wornell

Missions Specialist



Sara Wren

Graphics and Communications Specialist




Accounts Payable Specialist



Executive Presbyters


Kyle Hopkins

Northwest Region
Mt. Baker
Greater Everett



Luis Solero

Metro Region
Metro North
Metro Northeast
Metro South



Andy Pursley

South Sound/Peninsula Region
Olympic Peninsula
West Sound
Tacoma West
Tacoma East



Kyle Rasmussen

Southwest Region
Mt. Rainier
Lower Columbia



Terence Hall

South Central Region
Tri-Cities/Walla Walla



Bill Best

North Central Region
Wenatchee Valley
Columbia Basin



Kent Mankins

Eastern Region 
Upper Columbia



Terry Petty

Idaho Region 
Snake River
North Idaho



Darrel Johnsen

General Council
General Presbyter



Jerry Beebe

Finance Team Chair



Di Beals

Appointed Executive Presbyter



James Croone

Appointed Executive Presbyter


Network Presbyters


Dan Pursley

Mount Baker Area



Brent Kimball

Skagit Area



Nik Baumgart

Greater Everett Area



Kim Martinez

Metro North Area



Dan Neary

Metro Northeast Area



Jennifer Smith

Metro South Area



Caleb Bryant

Tacoma East Area



Pam Fay

Tacoma West Area



Brian Comptom

West Sound Area



Paul King

Olympic Peninsula Area



Myron Ness

Coastal Area



Peter Degon

Capital Area



Scott Collins

Mount Rainier Area



Bryan Davenport

Lower Columbia Area



Kevin Gerchak

Yakima Area



Micah Cruger

Tir-Cities/Walla Walla Area



Ryan Simmons

Columbia Basin Area



Paul West

Wenatchee Valley Area



Vickie Atchison

Okanogan Area



Sean Wilkerson

Upper Columbia Area



Bart Orth

Spokane Area



Jeff Smith

North Idaho Area



Jay Norman

Snake River Area



Chris Chan

Appointed Network Presbyter



Bryan Herrick

Appointed Network Presbyter



Kathy Jingling

Appointed Network Presbyter



James Reyes

Appointed Network Presbyter



Karina Torres

Appointed Network Presbyter



David Fowler

Appointed Network Presbyter


Bylaws & Reports


Questions? Contact Ellacia Creed

  • NWMN Bylaws

  • NWMN Organizational Chart

  • 2020 Executive Summary and Audited Financial Statements

  • 2020 Church Giving Report

  • 2020 Annual Church Ministries Report (ACMR)

Network Map

Founded in 1934 by the Northwest Ministry Network Assemblies of God, Northwest University is a regionally accredited, Christian institution awarding accociate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. They have been preparing students to lead in their careers for over 80 years and offer a variety of degree programs to meet the needs of an ever changing society.

Located in Kirkland, WA Northwest University is just minutes away from Seattle as well as areas that are great for the outdoors. Also located in the Seattle area near the NU campus are some of the most successful companies today including Microsoft, Google, Boeing and Amazon.

Since the begining, Northwest University has been a Christ-centered institution, and has not wavered. Learn more about Northwest University today at northwestu.edu

Master's Programs available to qualify for NWMN/AG Credentials to enhance
your ministry leadership skills:

Dr. Don Detrick, NWMN Executive Officer contact for more details: dond@nwministry.com
NU College of Ministry Graduate Programs

Employment Opportunities

The vision of the Northwest Ministry Network is to strengthen and develop empowered leaders and churches. All postions support that vision.

Their are currently no open positions at the network office.


Northwest Ministry Network is a provider of ministry resources and as such the information, opinions, and materials provided of this nature are not intended to replace the advice of an attorney or accountant.

  • End-of-Year Tasks by Church Law & Tax

  • WA Cares Fund

  • Reimbursement Form

  • Year-End Reporting

  • MissionInsite

  • Minister's Tax & Financial Guide 2021

  • Church & Non-Profit Tax & Financial Guide 2021

  • Housing Estimate Worksheet

  • Housing Allowance Explaiend

  • Empowering Stewardship

COVID-19 & Your Church

These resources are provided to you by the Northwest Ministry Network. All ministers and churches should check the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) as well as their local health departments for further information.

Contact us


Northwest Ministry Network
35131 SE Douglas Street, Suite 200, Snoqualmie, WA 98065

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35131 SE Douglas St., Suite 200, Snoqualmie, WA 98065
o: (425) 888-4800        |       f: (425) 888-4848