NC 2024 Continental Theological Seminary (CTS) Offering

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Working together to expand the Continental Theological Seminary Campus.

In 2018 you gave generously to get this project started...

Let's help bring it home!

I am very humbled to see you and your Network helping us to complete a project that will have an impact upon this spiritually needy part of the world. Your “Alpha” was overwhelming. It was powerful and contagious for others to follow and today we begin to see the finishing line. Your “Omega,” whatever it will turn out to be, will be the crown of a supernatural blessing. I can’t say enough how much this means personally to me and our administration and faculty as well. Every miracle has ingredients and you and your Network are part of ours!

Dr. Jospeh Dimitrov, President Continental Theological Seminary

Our ultimate goal for this offering is $250,000. Through the generosity of a matching partner, every dollar given, up to $125,000, will be matched to help us reach this goal.



$160,766.61 Cash Received


$125,000 Goal










CTS has the opportunity to impact the 39 nations in Europe.

Many of you know the state of the church in Europe, so having a bright light like CTS is inspiring. Most European seminaries are supported with government money. I was told one seminary had 12 full-time professors for 8 students and another had four professors for 1 student. CTS has over 242 students in 8 locations and receives no government funding.

I am asking you to pray and ask Jesus what He wants you to do personally and what your church should do in this offering for CTS. Please bear in mind, that it will be helpful to bring your offering to Network Conference. All pledges made at Network Conference for the CTS offering will need to be in by the end of May 2024.

- Don Ross, Network Leader

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